Data protection by  Velotix

Data is the cornerstone of modern enterprises and securing it while ensuring easy access is critical. Velotix offers an innovative data security platform that leverages AI to automate policy management, enhancing data discoverability and access without compromising security. Perfect for enterprises that rely on data to drive decisions and innovation, Velotix ensures your data is not only secure but also fully leveraged to its potential.

Key Benefits

  • Automated Policy Management: AI-driven tools to enforce the right policies at the right time, ensuring prompt and secure data access.
  • Enhanced Data Discoverability: Quickly connect to your database and access the data you need when you need it.
  • Secure and Compliant: Maintain full compliance with data policies while utilizing your most valuable asset - data.
  • GAIN CONTROL: Data and permission discovery ,while making your data visible.
  • UNLOCK POWER: Creating Data Democratizatio and self service Data access.

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