Empower Your Defense with MAG Tech: Leading the Charge in Cybersecurity Excellence for the last 22 years in Africa.

We lead the charge in the frontline of cyber defense, offering unparalleled strategy and protective services to organizations and governments alike. Through innovative training simulations and cutting-edge technological solutions, we arm our clients with the proactive tools needed to shield against the ever-evolving cyber threats landscape.

Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of sector-specific functions and critical assets. We prioritize safeguarding state-level and enterprise priorities, covering human capital, physical infrastructure, and the intricate layers of the supply chain. As your dedicated defense partner, we analyze security through the lens of the most sophisticated cyber threats, providing organizations with robust digital fortification.

With a legacy steeped in international cyber operations and local defense, MAG Tech boasts a team of seasoned professionals with proven expertise in cybersecurity. Our veterans bring tactical finesse refined through real-time incident management, translating into bespoke cyber resilience services & tailored solutions to the unique needs of each sector we serve.

Partner with MAG Tech for an alliance that not only comprehends the digital battlefield but commands it, ensuring your operational security in the cyber age and beyond.

Your Brand Matter

Experience the MAG difference: Where your digital safety is our paramount concern, paving the way for a secure digital future. Our mission is to fortify your digital presence with top-tier security services, including bespoke cyber monitoring, encompassing personalized cyber intelligence, and transformative dynamic digital terrain with confidence and peace of mind.

With a team of diverse experts at our core, we adeptly anticipate and counteract cyber threats ensuring you can navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with ease and assurance. 


round-the-clock monitoring. sophisticated fraud detection capabilities

cutting-edge technology and comprehensive service offerings

stands at the forefront of cybersecurity, also as a guardian of the digital age


Diverse experts with expertise in cyber strategy, forensics investigation, government consultancy, AML and EF platform protection, SOC operations design and construction, electronic fraud investigations, and firewall


Seasoned government and cybersecurity experts with diverse international experience in strategic consultancy, forensic investigations, data protection, data regulation and cyber operations.

The team experts possess special skills in designing and implementing security operations centers, anti-money laundering platforms, and electronic fraud prevention systems.