Traditional Services


Information Security Risk Assessment
This in-depth assessment defines the necessary actions required to promote your organization's security level to a best practice level. The assessment takes into consideration Information Security management parameters such as information security department resources, OPEX and CAPEX cyber security technology investments, HR, awareness, procedures and compliance.

Organizational Risk Assessment
We will assess your organization’s systems risk level and evaluate the implemented controls.


Portal Application Penetration Testing
Your system application will be assessed on all aspects of security using various attempts and methods to examine the application’s security level.

External Network Penetration Testing
MAG Tech will review your infrastructure network components that are exposed to the Internet in order to identify vulnerabilities that could allow access and control to your internal network.

Internal Network Penetration Testing
This test identifies internal network and infrastructural vulnerability, which may result in the unauthorized control of your organization's network.


System Hardening Assessment
Our experts assess the operating systems and the services that are installed on servers, by checking your system updates; built-in users and groups; file and folder permissions; auditing; services; group policy (Windows) or system configuration files and more. When we are done, you will know exactly what needs attention and whether additional system hardening is needed.

Infrastructure & Network Architecture Security Assessment
During this process MAG Tech assesses the security design of both your system and the network architecture of your organization and provides an analysis of the information with recommendations and road map.

Application Security Assessment
The goal of this examination is to ensure that the main application parameters are functioning in a secure mode. We implement application security from the development stage.
We test the code, leveraging our in-depth understanding of development languages, in addition to conducting manual or automatic code reviews. A preventative measure, this protects against security breaches that can be caused by incorrect or deficient programming, and/or lack of intention or lack of relevant knowledge


Network & Computer Forensics Response Teams
In the event of an attack, our teams will identify the malware, Trojan or other type of virus inside your hardware or software and offer a mitigation plan to resolve the issue.