Cyber security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every industry and each organization within it has specific needs and sectorial risks.

We understand your most critical assets and unique business environment. This allows us to provide a tailored made solution that is focused on the most crucial elements along with the general and obvious measures to meet your cyber security needs.


The Expertise & Experience You Need.

The cyber world is very dynamic, both as far as advancements in new technologies and new methods of attacks. You need a partner that not only can guide you through every new innovation, regulation and expansion, but can also anticipate risks that may arise along your organization strategy and approach.

MAG Tech addresses the complete cyber security Risk-cycle. We evaluate your needs, identify gaps and strategy based future threats, and only then develop custom, relevant solutions.

As your needs evolve we will address them, ensuring your teams are trained and drilled, your systems are hardened and you have the ongoing, dedicated support whenever is required.

From knowledge sharing and through to real-time crisis response, MAG Tech’s 360º Strategy:

Protect Your Information – we will ensure your network and systems are hardened and all the necessary cyber security mechanisms are in place to withstand sophisticated cyber attacks.

Ensure Business Continuity – in the event of any kind of disaster, whether it’s from an attack or internal failure, we will develop a recovery plan that ensures you are up and running seamlessly and your critical business is uninterrupted during recovery.

Maximize Your IT Resources and Skills – our Knowledge Transfer and Cyber Simulator programs ensure that your staff can handle any kind of attack that comes your way. We train your teams to think like hacker adversaries so they can address the evolving changing threats.


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